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What the natural rock formation of Mount Rushmore looked like before it was carved.

from Mashable

Astounding colorized photos reveal the faces and fashions of Ellis Island immigrants

"c. 1906-1911: Ellis Island Immigrants in Color," Mashable (1 October 2016). "Laplander." Gákti is the traditional costume of the Sámi people, who inhabit the Arctic regions spanning from northern Norway to the Kola peninsula in Russia. Traditionally made from reindeer leather and wool, velvet and silks are also used, with the (typically blue) pullover being supplemented by contrasting colored banding of plaits, brooches and jewellery . . .

miners using Mules /Pennsylvania

Keith Haring at the beach - 1984 American artist and social activist

Silver runner-up. Photograph: William Richardson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

colonia-1-first-look-will-emma-watson-be-able-to-escape-colonia-dignidad.jpeg (480×320)