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Cross bended insert folder that gives a unique overview on the story flow

Cardboard packinging with extra communication space that overlaps the product and gives reference to the three functions that it provides.

Tin packaging with tire footprint embossing. The embossing obviously links to Euromaster.

Packaging design for a "farm elves" concept to be sold in high-traffic lowcost supermarkets. The design accommondates that there are no merchandising in the channel, so each packaging has two idendical front faces in order to maximize appearance and sales.

Nerdy packaging for a liquid cooling system for custom-built computers. The packaging is mainy sold in webshop, so communcation is focused on confirmation on a high-end product rather than stimulating sales in stores

Sam Curtis | http://behance.net/samcurtis "A brief set by YCN to create excitement and awareness about Douwe Egberts. I decided to reb...

Omnom Handmade Chocolate The surface pattern of this design really caught my eye, the hand drawn geometric characters on the packaging are inspired from when the creators where living in Iceland. The idea of the shape of the packaging developed from a plain piece of folded A4 paper, now it's probably produced with a laser cutter, making it easier to mass produce.

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