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✨NEW✨Pure Peppermint Oil (100% Natural) INGESTION - 100% Pure/Natural Premium Quality Essential Oil. Extracted from natural wild mint leafs. ✔ Steam distilled, unfiltered, undiluted, no fillers. Packaged in USA ✔ SUITABLE FOR ORAL/TOPICAL USES. Natural muscle relaxant and pain killer. Freshen breath and reduce nausea ✔ GREAT FOR HOUSEHOLD USES. Natural insect repellent and helps to keep ants, roaches, mice, and fleas away. ✔ One of the MOST VERSATILE ESSENTIAL OIL. Diffuse to unclog sinuses…


100 Most Beautiful Macro Photography examples for your inspiration

Amazing Little Lady... Ladybug - Want to see more beautiful art? Visit - Sarah Angst Fine Artist & Printmaker - for bright & bold watercolor block prints - landscapes, animals, flowers...

Mantis, It's an imperative 2 become vegetarian or vegan organic foods and drinks. Cruelty towards animals is a total genocide, only because you are told 2 protein is only in meat, A BIG LIE, MEAT IS POISONED BY, hormones, radiation, transgenics, you eat the pain of the animal mistreated, 4 better flavour, pigs ears are cut alive, go vegetarian and save your life, continue being ignorant and die 4ever,,

from io9

Wildlife photos that blur the line between reality and fantasy

Seeing fireflies... I once lived on the edge of a forest, in which there were HUNDREDS of fireflies in some summers! It was like stepping into a real fairytale to go for a walk there at night! ♥