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This is heart-breakingly beautiful. And I relate to it on a personal level.

.so yeah it wasnt supposed to end like this. but you've changed so much.. i dont even know who you are anymore. your fake smile, sad eyes. thats not the guy i fell for but thats the only guy thats still around.

Seriously.. I feel like my grandmother wrote this and sent it to me.. It is perfect... I miss and love you.. But I know you are watching and when good things happen I know why.. And I've seen your signs. I know you all are here. I love you. Grandma Mary.

I have loved you for a lifetime, and you still have my whole heart. No one will ever fill the void, I'm empty and dead inside. I pray ever morning when I get up that it will be the day you come home and every night that I don't have to face another day.