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It might cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I'm just putting it out there now, I really, seriously want one of these amazing horses.

This is a Marwari horse, a breed from India. If I ever have enough money for it I would love to import one from overseas. I think this breed is gorgeous, and not just for their unique ears. I'd looove to have one in my barn.

Marwari - The Marwari are descended from native East Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses, possibly with some Mongolian influence.

Портрет Нааграджа - фотографии - KatyaD - конники -

Cremello Marwari stallion, Karan. Near-white horses such as cremellos, are considered sacred by some and are called nukhri, or nukras in English. photo: Manu Sharma.

Marwari horses are known for their distinctive ear style. Book a trip in India and ride one!