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Celtic.. I was a wolf, and she, my moon <3. "Every Night I howl to her, hoping she hears me. I see her, full and brightly lit! Even when she's dark and hides herself from me. During the day I am bleak and indifferent while I am away from her. But when I see her in the night sky, I feel strong, primal, and intoxicated by my lust for her. I want to hunt her, track her by pure scent, then devour her from the inside out. Making the heavens jealous with our passion. ♋️❤️♉️

For the medieval man and woman, the eyes and their gazes were an important part of sexuality. In her book, Medieval Life, Roberta Gilchrist explains that according to medieval theories about sight, “the eye was not a passive receiver but was instead active in sending out rays of sight toward the object of vision. The very act of looking could stimulate desire in the observer and the observed.” Women were typically advised to avoid looking at men so as not to tempt them.

Personalized Whiskey Crate

This painting by Vladimir Kush captures the essence of desire evident in Surrealist art, and also pairs this desire with the relationship between man and object. The work presents thoughts and needs of the unconscious mind, as referred to in the lecture.

You were the only one, and the fact that I didn't show you that has challenged everything I believed about myself. Thank you for opening my eyes to the weakness in my fearful heart, and for igniting the fire that strengthened it. You have my word that the pain I caused you -- and myself -- is the reason I will never again allow insecurity to challenge my love or make me doubt my loyalty.

<3 act like a lady..think like a like a boss. Unstoppable. #blackwomen #hairstyle