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Scout kit by SOL - Priorities in a survival situation: escape the elements, stay warm, and signal rescuers so you're easy to find. This kit has you covered! You would not believe all the stuff they have in this little waterproof bag! We have these in our retail shop! #desertadventures

2-Person Emergency Bivvy by SOL - The same ultra-light, ultra-warm full protection shelter that professionals rely on, now sized for 2 people. Made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as Adventure Medical Kit's world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside. We have these in our retail shop! #desertadventures

Thermal Bivvy by SOL - Warmth and durability for any season! Non-woven fabric provides waterproof protection from the elements while reflecting 80% of your body's heat back to you. Extremely durable fabric resists rips and tears. We have these in our retail shop! #desertadventures

Part of my Summer first aid kit. I don't go camping without this soothing and protecting salve. Ten herbs are infused into olive oil!!

The Hybrid 3 is for anyone seeking an integrated solution for all aspects of outdoor safety. This 3-in-1 kit provides medical supplies for dressing wounds, stabilizing fractures, and treating illnesses

The Survive Outdoors Longer® Escape™ Bivvy is nothing less than a revolution in backcountry shelters. The complaint with most ultra-light emergency shelters is the same: condensation builds up inside as you get warm, leaving your clothes soaking wet. With the Escape™ Bivvy, condensation is no longer an issue, and you never again have to choose between staying dry and staying warm. The proprietary fabric lets moisture escape at the same time that it keeps rain, snow, and wind on the outside –…

Vacuum seal a blanket, pillow and towel for each family member. They shrink so small that they can easily be stored in a survival kit.