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Too much text in all the same type face. The way the character in the front is positioned in the spine, most of his left side would be cut of in the fold and would look really lopsided and unbalanced.

For this cover the same idea is used throughout with continuing the color orange then having a few pictures. The front and the back are two different pieces. On the front the pictures are in circles while on the back there is only one picture and it is in a rectangle shape. Since the magazine size appears big, the title of the magazine should be bigger and they should use the space on the front for more information or more pictures so there isn't much empty space

The name of the magazine is touching the edge of the front cover of the magazine on the left which isn't effective because it could get cut off. The font size and colors are the same throughout. There isn't much hierarchy to the cover. For the back cover it kind of ties to the front but its not 100% sure that it does since it isn't a fair scene like there is on the front.

The font might be too big on the front and it should have a more better title than what it is. Since the pictures are different sizes that can be ineffective and effective. Though there isn't much text on the front except for the title, there is text on the back cover. The text on the front should be a little bit smaller, a different color, or moved so that the Y in "identity" isn't on the picture which is black just like the font color

August 2013 Feast Magazine

Great use of complementary colors but the overall image would look better without the cursive type written right in the center.

I would like if "gluttony" could fit in one line. Over all the message on the left page is really negative and the post negative words are highlighted, all the while the model is smiling and seemingly positive.

I'm sure i've seen the concept of doing chalk words so it's not exceptionally creative. I do like how the overall image is reminiscent of an old timey burger joint chalk board. I do appreciate how they frame the burger with lines but i think the text on the side is too much and hard to read.

I don't understand the background shape although I do like how the photo is placed on the outside giving the composition layers and depth. The text is much too small and shoved together though.