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Too much text in all the same type face. The way the character in the front is positioned in the spine, most of his left side would be cut of in the fold and would look really lopsided and unbalanced.

The name of the magazine is touching the edge of the front cover of the magazine on the left which isn't effective because it could get cut off. The font size and colors are the same throughout. There isn't much hierarchy to the cover. For the back cover it kind of ties to the front but its not 100% sure that it does since it isn't a fair scene like there is on the front.

The font might be too big on the front and it should have a more better title than what it is. Since the pictures are different sizes that can be ineffective and effective. Though there isn't much text on the front except for the title, there is text on the back cover. The text on the front should be a little bit smaller, a different color, or moved so that the Y in "identity" isn't on the picture which is black just like the font color

Although the cover is all together one image, the front and the back are completely different. Without the text on the front the front cover still seems busy while the back cover isn't as busy. The back cover also seems brighter then the front even though it is the same picture. The colors from the text should be pulled from the picture to make more of a connection

You can tell automatically that it is a July issue due to the fact that there are fireworks on it. The front and back cover overall are simple. I do not think the covers overall is a good design. The blue on the back is random because it isn't the same blue as used as the text box on the front cover. It is effective how there is a lot of information on the back and it shows what people want to know. If the information was on the front it might be too overwhelming.

In this cover the picture wraps around from the front to the back. Though there isn't much to what is on the cover the picture itself is very detailed with all of the little houses. Instead of that color yellow that they chose for the font they should have picked the one from the sand-like color instead to tie it all together. More should be on the front cover explaining what all is in the magazine itself

The text placement works with what color that the text is then what color that the background is. For the back cover, the image isn't exactly center which can bother some people. Also because of the placement of the hands it looks awkward not being able to see the other half. The front and back cover have completely different themes to it. The front cover looks hand drawn while the back is digitally drawn

This cover is very simple because it is just promoting the game in a simple way. On the front cover there is no text other than the name of the magazine which can be effective and ineffective. Because of the image that they chose on the front it gives interest as to what is in the magazine or what game it is from. If you were to flip to the back you would be able to tell but some people might not see the name of the game right away so they would loose interest

On the back there are awkward legs coming from the front when it is folded but what is also unusual but maybe done on purpose is there are also legs coming from the right side of the page on the front. I do not think that is effective. There are many colors used throughout the cover which catches peoples eye. There isn't much text on the front saying what this comic book issue is about which can be an issue

from Jewett Art Gallery at Wellesley College


This type is graphic, visual, and creative. I can't think of anything negative to say about it.