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미니바카라 미니바카라미니바카라 미니바카라A rare and very valuable pink diamond has been found in Australia

I love opals! They have such a dream-like quality when not overpowered by excessive gold settings. They remind me of where the sea laps the shore, and of the refracted light as the waves break onto the sand.

Rhondochrosite: Discovering and developing hidden talents, compassion, love, generosity, altruism.

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The Use and Power of Crystals

Art isn't just drawings and paintings. Art can be found in nature as natural beauty. Much like the person reading this. You are art, my friend, just like this gem.

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World’s 10 Most Expensive Diamonds

This diamond is a brilliant red colour diamond with a triangular cut, and it is the largest diamond of that colour. It weighs about 5.11 carats and is currently in the possession of MoussaieffJewellers Ltd. It costs about $20 million. #expensivediamonds #luxurydiamonds #jewelry

Solid Gem Black Opal- How can something so minute in the grand scheme of things resemble something as large as the universe??

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Diamonds Are Forever - Diamonds The Love Affair Continues

.The brighter you shine, the more others will respond to your Light. You needn't market or tell others how enlightened you are or how many you help etc.. You don't have to convince anyone. All you have to do is shine. This is Love in action. No words are needed. Others will feel who you are. This is what Unity Consciousness is about. Who you are naturally flows out in waves of Grace, touching all

Colorful sapphire and diamond bracelet, composed of various-shaped multi-color sapphires with interspersed rose-cut diamonds; estimated total colored sapphire weight: 182.00 carats; estimated total diamond weight: 2.00 carats; mounted in eighteen karat white gold; length: 7in.; width: 1 3/4in. Via Diamonds in the Library.

Novel Collection. As rare as it gets, fancy green diamonds are considered one…