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Goddess Power We created this special formula with all the phases of a woman in mind. It is beneficial to easing discomfort during periods, and even through menopause. We utilize powerful beautifying elements such as Oat Straw, Pomegranate & Shizandra Berry. To tonify the whole body, and help balance our hormones, we included Maca, Shatavari, Damiana & Cranberry. Completing the elixir are the mood balancing plants, Ashwagandha and Mucuna.

Masculine Tonic — Activating and revitalizing superfood boost. We brought together some very complementary plants to create adaptogenic blend: Maca is a hormone balancer, energy booster, and libido equalizer. Cordycep mushrooms increase athletic performance, sex drive, and vitality.

S O R T Contemporary practices in arts, design and subculture with design centred on severe aesthetics Handmade, weather-resistant and unique pots

You’ve got determination, dedication and drive. But you’ve got something even more important — you’ve got your body, an intricate and powerful machine. Like any machine, your body needs well-formulated fuel to function at peak performance. Put greatness in, get greatness out. That’s why we make our organic Athletic Fuel supplement.

100% RAW low-temperature cacao powder from Bali, Indonesia. The original superfood powder, this is a sugarless raw chocolate powder mix is packed with antioxidants, magnesium, and naturally helps in energizing and boosting your mood.

This exquisite organic olive oil is made on one of Peru's first organic farms and extracted from a unique strain of hand-picked olive. Truly cold-pressed in a traditional, slow process that never exceeds 70° F, this rich artisan oil is decanted (instead of being vacuum filtered) to protect its rich flavor and aroma. This process also protects the oil’s powerful nutrients, especially its nourishing fatty acids and heart-healthy polyphenols.

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Plaster Pusher: How to Color Plaster with This Secret Ingredient + DIY Plaster Mini Planters

All organic plant-based instant superfood elixir. This concentrated blend of superfoods and traditional herbs is designed to boost your immunity. This whole-food supplement is made with ZERO chemical binders or fillers, and sweetened only with organic stevia. Designed to please the palette while sparking your system, this precisely-calibrated blend came from our belief that the best supplements are pure foods... and the best foods are superfoods.