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Caregiver Stress in Phoenix AZ: Whether you planned on being a family caregiver for a loved one or you just kind of got thrown into it due to an emergency or other health crisis, you will no doubt experience stress at some point.

Elder Care in Manteca CA: Family caregivers are highly likely to receive a great deal of criticism from family members, friends, and even total strangers. Here& what you can do to deal with that criticism gracefully.

As a family caregiver you are likely accustomed to thinking about your aging parent’s health complications and how you can help them to manage their concerns, avoid further ones, and keep their health and well-being at its best throughout their later years.

Caregiver Stress in Phoenix AZ: The moment Melinda began caring for her aging mother she became a family caregiver. She didn’t think of herself as such, but over time she began to realize just how much this job was going to impact her personal life.

Unless you’re right off the turnip truck, you know you need to care of yourself in order to care of others. Practically every online website, book, blog and newsletter is touting the same information.

Caregiver in Rahway NJ: Being a family caregiver involves dealing with a variety of different tasks that can leave you feeling a bit stressed.

Elderly Care in Homewood AL: It’s no secret that pets bring healing powers to people – keeping them healthier and allowing them to heal faster following an illness or surgery.

June is both Alzheimer’ and Brain Awareness Month and Adopt a Cat Month. While these two events might not seem like they are interconnected in any way, they could be in the context of your parent’s home care experience.

Over time, people have a tendency to develop certain routines. These routines can allow them to feel balanced in life. Having balance, people can feel happy, get everything accomplished that they need during the day, and be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and get a full night’s worth of rest.

Every family caregiver’s situation is unique and individual. Some caregivers may give care full-time, while others give care from a distance and balance other responsibilities such as a family and career.

Taking time away from caregiving is one of the best things that you can do for yourself as a caregiver. It allows you to reset and to recharge yourself so that you can keep on going for your elderly loved one.

Caregiver Highland Park IL-For most family caregivers, the elder either lives with them or nearby. This makes it easy to care for their loved one and make sure they are healthy and safe.

Caregiver in Dunwoody GA: Caregiver stress is a reality for most family caregivers for aging adults.

Elderly Care in Milford CT: For most family caregivers, stress is simply a part of being on an elderly care journey with an aging parent.

Hopelessness is one of the leading causes and signs of depression. Hopelessness entails a loss so extreme that there is no “hope” of recovery. A loved one is gone.

Aging Veteran Care: Here are several signs that an aging veteran needs some type of home care, even if he or she is unwilling to admit it at the moment. Continue Reading Signs That an Aging Veteran Needs Care at Home

When your elderly loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a whole host of new behaviors can come along with it. One that can be particularly frustrating is agitation, when your loved one might become irritable and aggressive at the slightest provocation.

Memory issues can be incredibly frustrating for your elderly loved one, particularly if she’s never had such problems before. As her family caregiver, there are some strategies you can employ to help her deal with her situation.

When you think of the changes that are to be expected when aging, hearing loss is probably at the top of that list. According to the American Family Physician, about one-third of adults between the ages of 61 and 70 are affected by some form of hearing loss, while over 80 percent of adults over the age of 85 are affected.

Senior Care in Orange CT: The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has named May the Better Hearing and Speech Month.