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For those who have a fear of commitment, a half-toned look like this one still looks pretty fab. Wavy tresses can make your head look like a gorgeous rainbow sea. Match your eyeliner to your turquoise ‘do and you’ll look like one ...

From @vividartistichairdesign - “@darthlux's ❄️Icy Pastel❄️ we just got finished with. We Lurve it....do you guys? @olaplex saves the day again...we've lightened it/switched it up 3…”

Peacock hair easy to do with chalk pastels. step 1: wet strand of hair that you want colored. 2. rub chalk on wet hair till colored 3. let dry 4. brush hair lightly 5: avoid water till you want the colors out.

multi colored hair color, pastel streaks It's easy pouring over images of hair generously colorful from pastels all the way through the multicolor spectrum. With the proper care, tools or hair savvy pals, you can achieve a Spring ready do by expressing your identity through color coating. These are some of my favorite looks floating around in the Spring lookbook sphere.

Hidden rainbow, rainbow hair, peek-a-boo, colorful

I wanted Lavender hair so bad last summer. Sadly I forgot my dads colour blind before he did it. I must have also forgotten he's my dad. So.

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