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[nonsummerjack (non)] Musashi (Kantai Collection) 武蔵ー艶ー - 16 - Hentai Cosplay

裕木真生 ‏@mE_yukimai 7月16日 いまから公開がわくわくな映画『DEATH NOTE』遅ればせながらミサミサコスプレをさせて頂きました #コスプレ #DEATHNOTE #弥海砂

Day 20- character that gets on your nerves- misa. Shes just a mindless ploy, a slave used by light to get his way. And while i wanted light to get his way( for the most part) her dipshitty-ness just agrivates me. Not to mention shes just too damn perky

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