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Before this blonde baby turned into the world's most sought after model she was just another little lady posing for a family photo in London, England. Can…

Kendal Jenner celebrated her birthday with family and surprise guests like French Montana who has since split with Kh...

// Full Moon La Luna Print Recovered Vintage Centre Of The Universe Fluorite cube from Dalnegorsk Russia

Cat mural, Valencia. street art 000 Street Art Hallucinatory Street Art - The Optical Illusion Graffiti of Mimmo Rubino Plays Tricks on the ...

Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting Bird Art

Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting Bird Art

Dawn "Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting" no date. I picked this piece because it had an analogous color scheme. i think this color scheme gives the piece a kinda peace (haha piece peace) (hahaha birdface and duces) (cause of the peace)