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Also known as green flying frogs, or Reinwardt's tree frogs, these amphibians have one feature that sets them apart: The webbing between their toes that helps them glide through the air. While most frogs use their webbed feet exclusively for swimming, black-webbed tree frogs, and other frogs in their genus, use the extra surface area like a sort of built-in hang glider. Opening their feet wide as they leap from tree to tree, they can cover a little more distance than they might otherwise be…

Raccoon Facts - Interesting Features. There are three different modes of life in Raccoons. Most of the Raccoons live in groups.

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10 National Parks to See Before You Die - Photos

Mountain ranges, over 130 lakes, and 26 glaciers—what's left of 100 or more.Size 1,584 square miles.Best View Six-mile Grinnell Glacier Trail ends at a glacilake.The Easy Way, the Continental Divide and traces craggy cliffs.Feature Cougars and lynx and grizzly bears—oh my!Etc. glacierparkinc.comP.S. Waterton Lakes National Park is Canada's adjacent twin.

This is the rare Kermode Bear, also known as a “spirit bear.” Spirit bears are white subspecies of black bears and are very prominent in the mythology of the Canadian First Nations and American Indians of the area. The white appearance is due to a recessive allele common in the population, allowing for 1/10th of the population to feature this white coat.