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Ally the black cat

Imagine your mind as a news reporter. It’s job is to constantly assess, right, wrong, good, bad, up, down, safe, unsafe. It has a very necessary job, but it likes to take over, and many times we don’t even realize it until it’s in total control! This is

Classically romantic beauty, elegance, charm and grace. MY OTHER TUMBLR BLOGS: thelordismylightandmysalvation | dress-this-way | chasingrainbowsforever | seasonalwonderment MyPinterestAccount DISCLAIMER: All...

TRIGGER WARNING!! I do not promote self-harm or any type of mental or eating disorder. Schizoaffective disorder and BPD and maybe schizotypal. I post what I like and I also reblog a big amount of cats so be warned! She/her side blog about...

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