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Explore Africa Apartheid, South Africa and more!

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Update Your Furniture with African Prints

African Prints in your living room – sounds too much? Like with fashion, it all depends on the right mix. I tend to have a lot of white, grey and black furniture in my apartment – clean lines and designs that are sleek and stylish help in my opinion to not get bored of furniture... [ Read more ]

"I’m against the nuclear arms race and apartheid in South Africa and cruelty to animals, which means that I’m a vegetarian. Diet is a good place to start making a change, because it’s something I can do. I can’t on my own change the regime in South Africa or teach the Palestinians to live with the Israelis, but I can start with me. I have strong opinions and people disagree with me, but there are those who agree, too."

to me, this woman in the blue skirt represents true beauty. she doesn't fit the conventional beauty look of today, but she doesn't have to. She is beautiful because she has a heart for the children she volunteers for. and to me, that is so much more.

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How Laughter Is Actually Our Sixth Sense And Key To A Happy Life

Kissed by an Elephant, ✔️ Thailand


Ghana Decal 3" x 3"

Ghana Decal 3" x 3" on

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Apartheid South Africa

apartheid-era stairs, South Africa. "' One day, Lily, one day. When we have freedom, you and I will go to the park.'" (p 71) said by Uncle Max

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Strikingly Attractive Bird Photography

The Red-and-yellow Barbet (Trachyphonus erythrocephalus) is a species of African barbet found in eastern Africa. So pretty and unique!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts... pretty but northern beaches have nothing compared to the Gulf Coast white sandy beaches and emerald waters.

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83 Travel Experiences to Have While You're Alive and Breathing