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All the Invisible Children

PLEASE WATCH! Joseph Kony must be stopped! These children must be saved! Let's all join the movement. Please take the time to watch this and then share it!

The Art of Deception is an explanation of how a documentary is constructed to communicate truth, brainwash the audience and push an agenda. The Art of Deception explains the way the media has become a puppet for certain people. The US government used Kony 2012, or the invisible children, as a puppet to invade Uganda after they discovered huge amounts of untapped oil. This is explained in great detail in the documentary.

This T-shirt is to help children in Africa that are abuducted from their families and forced to kill innocent people. Please go on this website, www.InvisibleChildren.com. watch the movie and see how you can help these children.

Love the "A Mighty Girl" site...a must for recommendations for books, movies, etc...featuring strong, independent female characters! Great ideas for starting "A Mighty Girl" book club

We all remember Mr India, the invincible, invisible hero of the 80’s! The superhero boom of the 80s was said to be due in part to the success of this charming crowd-pleaser, in which Anil Kapoor used the power of invisibility to defend us Mogambo who I am sure khush bilkul nahi hua! A houseful of children, a South Indian Lois Lane and a Jeeves clone Calender to boot completed his merry brigade!

They will always have a place in my heart. Redwall series filled much of my time as a young kid and the stories of the brave mice at the abbey created more of a fascination with the natural environment. I think all children should read these books. They may be tales of 'good' and 'evil' but the descriptions of the characters are so picturesque and the quests are fun and exciting for young minds.

In 1960, 10-year-old Arthur lives with his grandmother in the country. His grandfather Archibald has recently gone missing and he sees little of his parents. They will lose the house unless Arthur can find Archie and the hidden treasure he brought back from Africa within 2 days. Archie has left clues in the house for Arthur, taking him on a fantastical adventure involving heroic and villainous animated characters. Freddy Highmore makes a delightful Arthur, with some famous names as voices.

A portrait of one year in the life of Jean Claude Jones, a 60-year-old bassist from Jerusalem. Ever since he was diagnosed with MS, his ability to continue playing and making music is in danger.

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