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At the time he lost his two lovelybinocent Babies .. Killed by the Zionists

What such a Palestinian Baby did FOR thé Zionist to ne killed

Five years ago, Mohammed threw rocks at an Israeli convoy on one of its routine raids into the refugee camp where he lives. For this he was shot in the leg and saw his best friend die in his arms. “I can’t forget that” he tells me. At first he took to sleeping in the streets to avoid arrest, but the Israelis warned his parents that if he didn’t turn himself in they would kill him and destroy the family home.

BE HUMAN. SAVE HUMANITY. * Google the Greater Israel Map Plan and you will know why anti-Israel people are now called anti-semites and harassed for their jobs, good names, etc..The USA military learns about this, the Map has been planned 100 years..!*

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