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Verone Mankou is the genius creator behind the Way-C tablet computer. The tablet is called the Way-C - "the light of the stars" in a dialect of northern Congo. Meet the Way-C, the first African tablet to rival the iPad, created by a young inventor with dreams of bringing internet access to the masses.

Can you provide me with something to block WiSee? Hello! I've recently stumbled upon an article about WiSee project and I would like to ask if your Wi-Fi jammers are able to block it? I suppose that WiSee may be rather dangerous and I'd like to have something against that!

Wine blogger loneliness yet defined as “ an unpleasant feeling in which a person experiences a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social relationships” on Wikipedia, just makes me upset and surprised about the huge participation to the EWBC 4th edition in Brescia, Italy. Italians spend 420 minutes a month on Facebook compared with 465 minutes for Australians the first to use Facebook in the world (Nielsen, april 2011). 700 millions people use Facebook…

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How Mobile Trends Are Shaping E-commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

The infographic below illustrates the direction in which the mobile commerce is headed, and shows the race between iPhone and Android. Digital marketing technology company Monetate issued the report from which this information is extracted. The report analyzed more than 100 million online shopping experiences to come up with the data below.

Going Mobile With Your Pets [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Go Mobile with Your Pet - There's an App For That

Mobile #Webmktg Statistics [infographic  ]Learn more here:
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Infografik über mobile Internetnutzung

Putting the Mobile Future in Focus – 5 Stories that Will Shape the Mobile and Tablet Markets in 2012 - comScore, Inc