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"An amazing visual - YES! You are making enough milk! Your baby's tummy is just that small - nurse early and often." *HOWEVER*, this does NOT mean you should limit bottle feedings to just this capacity--that will only result in a hungry, cranky baby! Som

Size and Volume of a newborns Stomach. Good to know! Your colostrum IS ENOUGH!! Alright ladies, remember this when family or friends say you're not producing enough milk!!!! Babies don't need as much as you think in the first few weeks.

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Good to know

Infant stomach capacity. A day old baby only has a 5-7 ml stomach capacity, or the size of a marble. The amount of colostrum that comes out from the mother’s breast is enough to satisfy the baby. The stomach becomes the size of a shooter marble by day 3. After a week, the stomach capacity reaches 2 oz, or the size of a ping pong ball.

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The Newborn’s Stomach

Great photo that shows the size and growth of your newborn's stomach to one month. I guess this is a good example of why those little ones eat so darn much those first few weeks!? I had to pump in the hospital and the bottle on the left looks like what I came out with. I felt terrible but this is a great reminder that our bodies know what they are doing and we should just relax.

Visual: Know The Size & Volume Of Your Newborn's Stomach