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On nights when it doesn’t pay to get off the couch.

17 Things You Can Forgive Yourself For


As a 35 yr old employee, can confirm:

How to cook a turkey, how to change a front end lightbulb, how to switch careers, how to make friends as an adult... Yep, that last one is sad but true

Remember when grandma let me eat a whole box of microwave bacon every day after grade school? It's a wonder I'm not 200 pounds..@Lisa Mckenney-Proctor

nuff said. Take your bloody bra off as soon as humanly possible - remember gravati can take your boobs to new lows so just because I condone taking your bra off, be mindful that without support, the pups may hit the ground.

sentence first... verdict afterwards! there is no theme, no rhyme nor reason. it is just a blog of things i like. none of this is mine unless i say it is.