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Devil's Guard. One of my favorite books from my dads collection. Story of former german officer who joins the french foreign legion in "rumered" ex-nazi platoon and tells us the bloody fighting and tactics used in the first indo-china war

HUG A BOOK -- by Avi Abrams Photography. I like the solid feel of a book in my hands ... I like to scribble little drawings in the margins of my notes ... I like being able to pull out paper & look at it in many aspects ... I like the feel of unfolded letters in my hands ...

This is the biography of a professional soldier who served in the Austrian army in WWI, joined the Polish Army on its formation in the newly independent Polish nation, escaped the German invasion and arrived in Britain to form a parachute brigade and fight with great personal bravery. Readers will find this a revealing account and an essential part of the Arnhem story. Firetrench reviews

Wasn't expecting a collection of short stories when I picked it up but still a great read and deep'end my respect for the generations hardships and sacrifices.

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