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"I wish you can meet Hiccup. You and Mama would love him, I think. He's a lot like you, you know. Kind, loving, supportive, caring, protective, compassionate, wise. . . everything I could ever want in a man. I miss you, Papa. I'm sorry you can't walk me down the isle or hand me over to my future king or ask me for a dance. But I know that you live on in my heart. And in my Dragon Boy's eyes."

The lies of Hans and the thing that so scared Elsa when she and Anna were little has actually come to pass. Do you realize that THREE TIMES Elsa thought that she was the cause of her sister's death?

Former pinner said:I have a full on theory that elsa and anna's parents are Flynn and Rapunzel, don't tell me that they don't look like them but in older form. I disagree because if you know Frozen you know that Flynn and Rapunzel are in it.

You know your place by on @deviantART - Elsa and Hans from "Frozen". From the artist's comments: " I know they’re wearing the clothes from the final scene and I know the whole picture looks like from the final scene. But it’s not. It should be after many years."