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A penultimate installment in the best-selling series finds the Garde struggling to understand and execute the Loric Elders plan to save the world from genocidal alien forces

A conclusion to the best-selling series finds the Garde seeking out and joining forces with human teens throughout the world who are developing their own Legacies to help fight against the Mogadorian invaders

Visitors by Orson Scott Card ---- Rigg's journey comes to an epic and explosive conclusion as everything that has been building up finally comes to pass, and Rigg is forced to put his powers to the test in order to save his world and end the war once and for all. (Feb)

A latest fairy-tale adventure set in the world of Just Ella and Palace of Mirrors finds Desmia, one of 12 sister-princesses, forced to confront a threat to the kingdom without the support of her family or her royal status

An omnibus edition containing the four novellas in the best-selling Selection series is complemented by exclusive bonus material including author introductions, an extended ending, an extra epilogue, a map of Illéa and sumptuous interior illustrations

Deeper by Roderick Gordon. As Will Burrows continues to search for his lost archaeologist father in the strange underground world he has discovered, he stumbles across a sinister plot with terrible implications for the world above.

Woven by Michael Jensen and David Powers King ---- A princess and a ghost set out on a journey to find a magic needle that can sew the ghost back to his life. (March)

Vivian Apple at the end of the world by Katie Coyle ---- Sixteen-year-old Vivian Apple returns home after the alleged 'Rapture' to find her devout parents gone and two mysterious holes in the roof. Vivian never believed in the Rapture, or the uber powerful Church of America. Now that she has been left behind, Vivan's quest for the truth begins. (Feb)

Anastasia and her sisters by Carolyn Meyer ---- A novel in diary form in which the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II describes the privileged life her family led up until the time of World War I and the tragic events that befell them. (July)

The Nazi hunters : how a team of spies and survivors captured the world's most notorious Nazi / Neal Bascomb.