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in my dreams, blue hallways like this one usually have other people attending parties on the other side of the doors. i am either not invited to these parties, or deliberately choosing not to enter them. the music is jazz. the mood is nostalgic.

from The Culture Trip

The 10 Most Beautiful Parks In Paris, France

OPEN) jinx) I sat off to the side, in dress and makeup, people had stared at me for putting a skeleton face on, but it was my choice so... Now everyone dance and talked with friends aside from me, even my brother had a date... 'I'm pathetic' I thought to myself. I sat now pushing around food on my plate in boredom, when I heard a cough from behind, I turned to see (blub)

from Abduzeedo

Daily Inspiration #1494

I like the design concept for Levana's Palace with the white and then blue tribal-esk designs to it... creepy but beautiful

"Frustrated, we huddled in hungry, impotent silence, waiting for the drip of melting snow, for a needle of suns-light. But the silent darkness remained whole, and whatever snow vanished did so because it was our only sustenance." ~ from The MoonQuest: The Q'ntana Trilogy, Part I by Mark David Gerson. Info/excerpts/purchase