Game of Thrones Characters with street style tattoos (by Hilary Heffron) - 9GAG:

…..everyone in Westeros….. | And Now For An Alternate Universe Where “Game Of Thrones” Characters Made Good Choices

You're very kind. Some day it will get you killed. - Sandor Clegane | khaleesi1982 made this with

They exist outside of Westeros?!?  via:

They exist outside of Westeros?!? via:

Cersei Lannister ~ House Lannister Sigil | Game of Thrones - by Hilary Heffron, Hilarious Delusions

Mother's Mercy by ertacaltinoz on DeviantArt -- Lady Stoneheart (formerly known as Catelyn Tully-Stark) | Game of Thrones

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