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I do question their mental acumen, their integrity, their support of we the people, women, Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks and Gays.

how can anyone doubt the calm strength of this woman...she has been consistently lied about and still stays focused...tell the truth about Trump and he goes off in a tantrum....

I laughed. I shouldn't have, but I did. The absurdity is just too much.

MUST WATCH -- UNDERCOVER VIDEO - O'Keefe: Wisconsin's Russ Feingold Says Clinton to Use 'Executive Order' on Guns

Oh. My. God. JARED! | Supernatural in Rogue Magazine Fall Issue #4...

Virginia, you can redeem yourself for ever voting for this bozo. Vote Trump-Pence this November!

Iowa started voting Sept. 29,2016. Yay Iowa!! More

"There's a lot of RACISM in this country disguised as PATRIOTISM"

***TO BE DESTROYED 10/04/16*** JESSE IS A 7 WEEK OLD KITTEN WHO HAS A RECTAL PROLAPSE AND NEEDS A FOSTER ASAP OR THE ACC WILL KILL HER TOMORROW AFTERNOON!! JESSE was brought into the shelter with diarrhea and a swollen hind end - which turned out to be a rectal prolapse. She will need some medical attention by a competent vet to correct this issue but it is certainly not life threatening nor any reason to kill her. This cutie pie was found by someone who said she was friendly and she…