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from Band Mom Designs

What sport do you play? I Band

Show your MARCHING BAND pride with this expressive t-shirt! Great for middle school/high school/college bands!

I love to listen and understand lyrics rather than just hear the song because they can be so meaningful and powerful More

Lololol as a part time "piccolo player" I understand! But the fear on people's faces when they see piccolo in a piece is just soooo funny! I love it!

ok... i acctually do this a lot... the other day i played "Kick Me" in my sister's car... she was absolutly terrified... irdk why... "You Don't know SHIT SHIT SHIT! You don't know one goddamned thing about me! Keep looking down on me, i'm more than you'll ever be. Cut me deep but i won't bleed. Your gonna kick kick kick me when i'm down"

from Band Mom Designs

Best Marching Band Season Tank Top

Show your Band Geek pride with this expressive tank top! Great for middle school/high school/college bands! ***Each item is printed on super soft premium material! 100% Designed, Shipped, and Printed