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German-born American photographer Martin Schoeller's first exhibition in Australia presents compelling large-scale portraits. The exhibition explores human identity through photographs of individuals accustomed and unaccustomed to the spotlight.

No, I dont love you. yes, i lied to you. of course it makes you look fat. no i have never actually met pizarro but i love his pies. it is pronounced EGREGOUS. all of this fails in utter insignifigance to the fact that my ship is once again..gone. savvy?

Hello, I'm Casper, owner of the Elmwood Castle. I'm skilled in science and enjoy mysteries. I'm an angel (haha yes I know, but seriously). I'm here to keep an eye on all of you. Come to me if you need me, if not, then go away. ((FC: Johnny Depp))

Yes, please. My mom is only 21 years older than me, and he is probably right in between there. I thought it was so weird when I was 12 and she was 33 and loving him. And now I'm and there is still so much to LOVE!

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