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Corporate Trainings are undertaken with the dual purpose of Organizational Benefits and Employee Benefits. The process involves change in Attitude of Employee and workers.


A true technique involves skillful execution of timing, balance, posture, coordination, speed; and will always work if properly executed. Its development and mastery depend entirely on your personal commitment to training. True training requires more than just practicing techniques at the dojang; it requires a change in one’s way of life. One must train oneself both physically and mentally, extreme mental discipline is both a requirement and a result.

Must Read Books // Quiet Leadership: Six Steps to Transforming Performance at Work by David Rock,

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Beyond Bubble Baths: Searching for Deeper Self Care

What I love most about my work is the joy of witnessing people heal. On the flip side, I also witness a lot of suffering. To be capable of holding the…

Hatha yoga three times a weeks found to boost brainpower

Hatha yoga three times a weeks found to 'dramatically' improve cognitive function in the elderly by Hatha yoga is a spiritual practice that involves meditation and focused breathing while an individual moves through a series of stylized posture. After just eight weeks sedentary older adults' performance on tasks including information recall, mental flexibility and task-switching were improved. #Yoga #Hatha_Yoga #Brain_Health #Cognitive_Function

From today's LifeNotes . . . "Our job as leaders is not to have all the answers, but to guide our teams in such a way that solutions are discovered . . " @ScottGrizzle Catch Scott and "The Solution is in The Room" . . at LifeNotes . . the Cafe blog . .

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