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Meditation bells- #vintage #brass chinese #dragon depiction, View more on the LINK:

Wood Buddha Face Wall Hanging

One of my favorite discoveries at Buddha Face Wall Hanging, Wood, looks like a million bucks!

The most common depiction of Surya Majapahit consists of the images of nine deities and eight sun rays. The round center of the sun depicting nine Hindu gods called Dewata Nawa Sanga. The major gods in the center is arranged in eight cardinal points around one god in the center.

Wood Buddha Face Wall Hanging

One look at this beautiful depiction of the blessed Buddha and your heart will be filled with peace. Hand carved by Indonesian artists on four separate pieces of wood and then connected, this Wood Buddha Face Wall Hanging features a distinctly rustic look. A serene addition to your living space, meditation room or any space where you like to unwind.

Meditation by Carol Buchman. Focus your attention on the art object to the right, and try to turn off the left side of your brain (the part that functions to analyze things logically, verbally, rationally), and let the right side take over (the part that is governed by feelings, emotions, perceptions) for awhile.

At first glance these photos by Andre Ermolaev look like twisting abstract paintings, but in reality are aerial photos of rivers flowing through Iceland’s endless beds of volcanic ash. Given its name and stereotypical depiction it’s somewhat surprising to learn that the small country named after ice is home to no less than 30 active volcanic systems. You’ll remember the eruption of the massive Grímsvötn volcano just last year that spewed some 120 million tons of ash in the first 48 hours and…