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Как сделать Личный Дневник? How to make your Diary?

How to make your own sewing pattern

There are lots of web sites to learn crafts & cooking. But, I didnt find any web site where you can learn how to make your own basic sewing pattern. So I thought I should share my knowledge with you ladies, who want to start or to try out sewing...

Make Your Own Organic Natural Purple Fabric Dyes

The same basil, Ocimum basilicum, that flavors your salads can also produce a nice purplish grey dye bath. Different types of basil can produce different shades. Gather the leaves and stems and boil with water to extract the color.


How to make time to work from one when you have kids. Also includes a free printable to help you plan your time and work.

10 Ways to Save Money During College

College can be expensive with your limited income. Here are 10 smart tips on how to make life easier financially. #Phones4School #cbias #shop

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean When You Don't Have Time to Clean

How to keep your kitchen clean when you don't have time to clean: 5 simple strategies to help your kitchen stay cleaner longer!

How to organize your closet. A little confusing at first to follow the lines but I def need to go through my closet and hang, toss or donate tons of stuff...or consign!