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Site of the mortal wounding of General Armistead on July 3, 1863. Codori farm and monument to the 72nd PA in the distance

Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial, Gettysburg, PA. Union Captain Henry Bingham talks with mortally wounded Confederate General Lewis A. Armistead on Cemetery Ridge.

The summer kitchen at the George Spangler Farm. During the fierce days of fighting in July 1863, the kitchen took a completely different role. Many historians believe that Confederate General Lewis Armistead died in the summer kitchen after being treated at the Spangler Farm for wounds he suffered during Pickett's Charge. The Gettysburg Foundation has completely preserved this incredible structure so that visitors can stand where General Armistead most likely spent his final moments.

The 72nd Pennsylvania Monument at "The Angle" (A US Supreme Court Decision Was Required to Site This Monument)

One of the most moving and thought provoking monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park, the Friend to Friend monument depicts Confederate Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead handing his watch to Captain Bingham, a Union Solder, to which he was to give his Union friend Winfield Hancock...Armistead was said to have asked that God strike him dead if he ever brought harm to his friend.

Gen.Lewis Armisteads marker where he fell is to the right of the Copse of trees. His best friend Gen. Winfield Scott Hancocks Monument where he fell wounded is to the left of the Copse of trees. It is a shame they could not have been brought together to say goodbye to each other. I realize there was such confusion but it could have been done. Armistead died a couple days later and Hancock survived his wound. Just another sad story out of thousands.

Today, at the top of Little Round Top sits this monument to the 44th and 12th New York. Fittingly, the monument has a 44 foot tall tower and a 12-foot-wide platform next to it. It's one of only two monuments at the battlefield that you can climb.

Blooming apple trees of the orchard on the Brian Farm at Gettysburg.