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Yeah. People that don't have this, don't understand so BACK OFF!! It makes me so mad!! Omg!! I do definitely have social anxiety. I have anxiety attacks like almost everyday.

Oh...I guess I must have social anxiety. Because I do all of these. But doesn't everyone? No? Idk<<<<I do almost all except faking an illness because I'm too awkward to be able to pull it off so I just pray that I'll get sick

And when my mom or stepdad asks to borrow my phone and leaves me home alone and says they're going to fix their friends car and they'll be home in half an hour at three and they come home five hours later at five yeah who wouldn't that give anxiety to.

I wish that school taught kids about depression anxiety self harm and eating disorders and not just bullying because sometimes it's ourselves that make us feel like shit and most people don't get it

from BuzzFeed

29 Times Socially Anxious People Almost Dropped Out Of College

Or awkwardly WANTING to go out with everyone on Friday night, but making excuses for why you want to stay in, anyway.