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Audi Rs7 Concept

AUDI RS7 #luxury sports cars #customized cars #celebritys sport cars #sport cars|

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from Azurebumble

William Eckersley : “Dark City” Series (Night Photography)

Ariel & William ran down the hall for a long time until the gunfire echoed to nothingness & all they could hear was their own footfalls. The hall turned to the left for a while then a sharp long right. They ran though they were out of breath, both hoping that Ki was still ok & that Amias wasn't dead. They made another left & there about 30 feet ahead of them were 2 double doors. Hope surged up in both of them as they poured on the last of their strength to reach the doors.

Blindsided. This lady’s love has turned my world upside down in the greatest of ways.

... what I think I'll look like on a Motorcycle... (now I just need a "what I actually look like" version)

If your tears want to turn into waterfalls, let them. wisdom of the day.

“I made an oath to myself: as long as I live as long as my soul remains in this body I won’t deviate from the right way but later I looked to my left and then to my right and I saw our Beloved everywhere how could I make a wrong turn?” ― Rumi.

"With the fading light, the trees lost their features, colors and grooves vanished, only their sharp silhouettes retained. But eventually their edges began to fade into the deepening darkness until they were just ambiguous masses swaying in the night." --The Creaking Tree (Marquette)