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Tetra Pak triples flavoured milk production at Mengniu plant By Rachel Arthur+, 15-Apr-2014 Tetra Pak has installed its high speed A3/Speed filling machine with the product's first customer, Chinese dairy Mengniu.

Tetra Pak As the second design for a tetra pak live brief, in which i got shortlisted. I designed a drink marketed to women who prefer the finer things in life, and between the ages of 20-30. I wanted to keep it simple and minimilist, as well as indicate the flavour of the drink – earl grey and orange. My first route was a polka dot pattern of the ingredients, to highlight the unique structure of the packaging.

Tetra Pak After entering a live brief competition i was shortlisted to the final round. The brief was to design a weightloss drink marketed to women in their 30s. I decided to focus on the most imporant thing to comsumers of a weightloss product, knowing exactly what is in the drink and its nutrional values. That therefore led me to the idea of the packaging design being informed by the contents of the drink.