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drunk Rose district, redrew this post from the other day pbthb don’t...

ikimaru: John and Karkat specieswap and with this I’ve drawn all the beta kids as trolls <-- ooooh I like John's windy/swirly horns! AND YES ANOTHER GINGER KARKAT!

Visual and Found Poetry

found poetry.... OH MY GOSH I WAN TO TRY THIS!!! or just pick out random words from a page and use them in a poem... But this is amazing! It would get you thinking so much so that even if you can't find a poem on the given page, you'll probably find a poem on the blank page in your mind... I'm thinking cure for writers block

20 Artists Who Took Embroidery To The Next Level

The origins of embroidery can be traced back to the Warring States period in China (500-300BC) and to Sweden's Migration period (300-700AD), and some would argue that it hasn't changed much over the centuries:

what if Dirk when he was little pretended to be Kamina sometimes and went shouting at seagulls on the roOF