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#rockmyrun If you were alive in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, you remember the impact your favorite songs had on you when you heard them on the radio the first few times. You couldn’t just download them with the click of a mouse to listen to when you pleased: you had to by the tape or request it on the radio. Take a trip back to those days with 30 minutes of nostalgia from bell bottoms to leg warmers.

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12 Things You Can't Miss on Your First Visit to the Grand Canyon

Don't miss out on any of the best spots in the Grand Canyon! This list is a comprehensive guide to the North and South Rim viewpoints, hikes, and points of interest that you can't miss on your first visit. This guide is written by a former park ranger and has some amazing tips! 12 Things You Can't Miss on Your First Visit to the Grand Canyon || Grand Canyon National Park || Dirt In My Shoes

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Hacking the Tripping Mind: A Fantastic Voyage Through Inner Space

Pay attention. What if you could focus and control your consciousness when under the influence of psychedelics? Cognitive roller-coasters may be upon us.

"Viaje a la luna" (1902) del mago y hechicero Georges Méliès. Delicioso, delicioso y delicioso corto con el que nos vamos de aventura, vestidos con chisteras y levitas, eso sí ;-), a la mágica luna. "La invención de Hugo" (2011), peli de Scorsese huele a todo esto, ¿verdad? Si se hiciera ahora algo así como lo que creó Méliès, se le llamaría "steampunk".

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Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations

Picturesque small town street view in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy. Best Destination| Fun Trip| DIY Tutorial| Save Money on trips| Cheap Destination

Jules Verne inspired Georges Méliès' early Science Fiction Film "Voyage to the Moon",

Five People Shrunk Down. Injected Inside A Gunshot Victim In Order To Save His Life! What's Not Cool About That?