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Knowing how to find the North Star in the northern hemisphere is definitely one of the most basic navigational skills that everyone should know - being lost in the wilderness without a compass is not the time to be trying to figure out where the North Star is.

Lost in Space was first imagined as a modern version of "Swiss Family Robinson". One of the coolest aspects of the show was their robot. In the beginning the Robot was merely a tool, but eventually it developed a personality all its own and became a part of the family. The Lost in Space robot was cool.

Will Robinson (Billy Mumy) and Penny Robinson (Angela Cartwright) from Lost in Space. I love the multi-colour bunnies!

This hit me right in the feels. Think about this... When Wheatley is lost in space, and Chell released... I'm sure for her entire life, she wanted to be free. But when she was out in that field... Something was missing. Her friend. Her only friend. Her best friend. Wheatley. She was alone. Without Wheatley... She didn't want her freedom.

The B9 robot, in a 1st season publicity photo, with actress Angela Cartwright. From the 1960's TV series, Lost in Space.

When I see you in green velour, I so want to be your paramour. And though your piloting skills aren't great for the most part, all that matters is that you crash-landed into my heart! -Judy Robinson