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these 'horrible holiday hooligans' by sebastian reymers design are a set of trouble-making christmas ornaments bring a bit of humor to the stress and seriousness of the holiday season. handmade out of stiffened felt, metal and wood for the tools, the characters are seen armed with either an axe, saw, or match, as if they were to be causing some chaos.

Mood Mugs - Happy Larry, Seriously Sleepy, Monstrously Moody, Horribly Hungover, whatever side of the bed you wake up on, your mug can reflect your mood!

From lilitslittlelibrary: "It's certainly true that Chernobyl while an accident in the sense that no one intentionally set it off was also the deliberate product of a culture of cronyism laziness and a deep-seated indifference toward the general population. The literature on the subject is pretty unanimous in its opinion that the Soviet system had taken a poorly designed reactor and then staffed it with a group of incompetents. It then proceeded as the interviews in this book attest to lie…

Seriously, Pajama Jeans changed my life. I recommend them for anyone with a chronic illness.

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