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Tom Bagshaw for The 5th Annual Supersonic Invitational.Brand new, incredible artwork by artist Tom Bagshaw entitled “Accismus” for The 5th Annual Supersonic Invitational Group Show which opens on...

Community Post: Something Wicked: Young Villainesses

Artist Tom Bagshaw makes wicked sexy again by putting a new style on the iconic Disney baddies.

pandora by tom bagshaw cool fact about Tom, I asked him to help me judge the AFA header challenge, and Tom polite and gentle as ever, told me that it was a great idea but he did not felt confortable judging other people art! and he finished with -> “btw great work you’ve been putting through AFA!!”, and me (with that right side of the brain in a size of a pea), I went to urban dictionary looking up for AFA and it gave me Aint Fucking Around, so I though it was a “sweet