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I first discovered Welcome to Night Vale during one of my many endless scroll sessions on Tumblr. I kept seeing Night Vale fan art, so I downloaded the podcast and well, my life hasn’t been t…

Night Vale simplistic photo shoot from http://blissandbookstores.tumblr.com/post/69605975910/ghastderp-foxykurt-welcome-to-night-vale

WTNV Tarot KNIGHT OF PENTACLES - Carlos The Scientist “A person of integrity. Someone who can be counted on. A closer. Dependable. Self sufficient. Conscientious. Persistent. Traditionally, interesting, attractive, beneficial, important, helpful,...

hisclockworkservants: Welcome to Night Vale fanart, Episode 75 - Through the Narrow Place. All darkness is just a thickness of birds.

WTNV Tarot TEN OF SWORDS - Cassettes “A card of endings. Hopes dashed. A battle lost. Things are as bad as they can get.” While “Cassette” suggested it, “Best Of?” confirmed it; nothing good comes of cassette tapes in Night Vale. Click Here for the...

A cross between NPR and a Stephen King novel, this radio show about the goings on in a fictional American small town hooked me from the first few dulcet tones Cecil the DJ uttered. Get thee to iTunes immediately and listen!

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