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So true! I have practice for my theater class every Saturday most of the day. When girls are going to the movies and mall

23 Reasons Why Your Theatre Family Is The Only Family You Need

Because when it comes down to it, nobody else understands the emotional roller coaster that is the circle of theatre life.

Theatre. Bless whoever wrote this! as an actor, I feel like sometimes we are and underrated species and people think it's easy work. think again.

Yes it is, so don't act like the whole building is yours when you're using the gym because WE ARE REHEARSING AND WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SPORTING EVENT. Sorry. Venting last week's rehearsal.

A Theatre Dictionary Women's Dark T-Shirt

Hahaha initially learning that was like trying to figure out physics... underwater... with no rescue in sight. Finally getting it and attempting to teach others is worse.

That is why you get so much enjoyment of going to the theatre - you see a little bit of yourself in every performance. #quote