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A team of explorers, including (left to right) Helga, Moliere, Commander Rourke, Cookie, Milo Thatch, Dr. Sweet, Audrey, Vinny, and Mrs. Packard, stand on the brink of a startling discovery when they journey through a crevice in the ocean floor to reach a lost civilization.

Milo Thatch (left), who has devoted his life to studying Atlantis, uses a mysterious ancient book called "The Shepherd's Journal" to guide Commander Rourke (right) and his lieutenant, Helga Sinclair (center), to the lost city.

Milo Thatch (center), a linguistics expert with a lifelong fascination in Atlantis, meets his shipmates -- dirt-loving geologist Gaetan Moliere (left) and the gentle Dr. Sweet (right).

Milo Thatch (left), an expert on the ancient civilization of Atlantis, and Princess Kida (right), daughter of the Atlantean king, join forces to explore an underwater cave that holds valuable secrets.