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Rebecca Laurey from Raspberry & Rouge in Cancun, Mexico last January. Explaining what's been up and why it's been more silent over here. Stay tuned for much more!

"I wanted to give her a super-rich color that would enhance her light eyes and bring out her amazing bone structure, which is what darker colors can really do," Aura says. "I went with a dark, rich brown, but kept some pieces out, and toned them with a warmer, golden brown for dimension." This combo of warm and cool hues, Aura explains, brings out the golden ...

With nude hair like this, there's a balance between warm colors, which means it looks good on any skin tone. Click through for more hair color ideas for summer 2016.

BAM! This was the one. Tony agreed. Thank you Behati! He went on to explain that everyone is flattered by a little warmth in their hair. It isn't about matching a cool skin with a cool hair colour, or vice versa. Instead, he pays attention to the skin and eyes, and picks colours that will bring them out, instead of the hair being the thing you notice first. Warm tones tend to give us all a glow, no matter what your undertone.

Warm Vs. Cool If you’re going for a cool tone, avoid using the words “ash” or “ashy,” notes Suite Caroline owner Lena Ott. “When people emphasize ashiness, what I see is that their colorist is overtoning them and they don’t feel blonde enough,” she explains. She recommends saying “cool blonde” instead.

You have a warm, friendly tone. You’re super excited about your speech topic. When you explain your passion to others you’re excited and engaged and energetic. Then you get on stage and you talk the way you think a speaker ‘should’; ultra professional, monotone, smart. You're making a huge mistake. http://www.gingerpublicspeaking.com/what-you-should-really-be-telling-your-audience

Find out the colors that are best for your skin tone using personal color analysis with suggestions for lip stick sample colors

“What kind of girl would you like?”, her tone is kind and warm. She hands me a menu and begins to explain it’s contents. It’s the same process as dining at a fine steakhouse, but this isn’t cuts of cattle and Napa wine on the menu. These are women with names, faces, minds and souls.

It’s hard to explain how an outdoor Colorado wedding can appear so warm and inviting, but just take a look at these gorgeous wedding photos taken by Lisa O’Dwyer and you’ll understand what we mean. The bride’s gorgeous fur shawl, soft blush and ivory tones, and lavish floral bouquets are the perfect details to make this Colorado wedding […]

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