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Step 2c: Of course, he can't use that nice new girly body wash with his hands, or an old wash cloth! He needs his very own, bright pink, bath loofa. It's good for his skin and rubbing that pink ball of femininity all over his body is sure to remind him of his new place in life.

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Step 12i: Sissy Life Swap-Out! Lots of small course corrections are far easier for your new gurl to absorb than a few big changes. Take her shoe shopping, but instead of a pair of casual sneakers that she starts looking at...steer her toward her first pair of girly shoes. Maybe a cute pair of women's flats in a neutral color. And if you can get him to accept a pair that have a little bow...your sissy is really shaping up nicely!

Step 12h: Sissy Life Swap-Out! Your gurl's hair is probably getting longer by now. Make sure she treats it well.get rid of her old "combo" product for some good quality shampoo and conditioner that is tailored to he hair type. It's worth every penny!

Step 13: It's time for your sissy to start building her own femme life. There is no better place to star than with a VS credit card. She'll be putting it to good use and it will remind her everyday of who she is now. You can put in her old male name, but this is a great opportunity to start building a new femme identity for her. ** I've had my VS Angel card for years. LUV whipping it out when I buy new panties for all the ladies to see.

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Which Candy Matches Your Personality?

Which Candy Matches Your Personality? You're pink Starbursts. You're the only flavor of Starburst that's celebrated, loved, and respected. And that's because you're better than other people. You're just a really quality person and everyone likes you best.

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