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Ce que votre âme veut que vous vous rappeliez.

Seven Archival Quality Chakra Fine Art Print Set: Chakra Healing Prints

Seven 10x10 inch Chakra Sacred Geometry Prints 1. Root Chakra (Muladhara) 2…

A Quick Meditation To Balance Your Root Chakra & Ground You (Video)

4 minute Chakra Meditation. The chakra system describes the energy centers that exist along the spinal column, each holding a specific kind of energy, emotion, color and sound. We can use our yoga and meditation practices in

7 Mudras To Unlock Your 7 Chakras

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7 Mantras To Balance Your 7 Chakras

We humans are repetitive beings. As children, we learn by hearing the same stories. As students, we learn by reciting facts. And as adults, we habitually reiterate the same stories over and over

The voice of the Universe is speaking and it is speaking to you. So wake up. Be present in your life and aware of your surroundings.