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Girl teased about having cancer, father arrested for assault

A teenage girl battling breast cancer said she might give up a sport she loves — not because of her illness, but because of a brawl during her softball game that her family said started after the other team teased her about having cancer.

It don't sparkle but diamonds are my best friends

Guarding our diamond - softball

A kid's worst nightmare... dodge-ball in P.E. with softball players!  #Softballstrong @RINGOR

Warning, proceed with caution: Softball players playing dodgeball! This is how everyone is like when the girls i go to school with and me play dodge ball with them

Umps.....cause they need it!! It was clearly a strike....especially when my kid is pitching!!

Get ur eyes checked ump!

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expecially when ur the one that hits ur coach>>>> soccer balls hurt real bad

And your like man are you kidding me I'd like to see you stand up her while sweating and trying to hit a ball that is coming at full speed over your head

THAT HAPPENED TO ME. At my last game I was up to bat and the pitcher threw a ball and then after I knew it was too high (because the ball was so high I had to look up to see it) and the Umpire called a strike and I was like EXCUSE ME.


So true im am a hefty lefty

So true

hahhaha so true. I love my softball bats!

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we should do this next year for our softball team picture!

Maak je eigen lamp! Je lamp is nooit het zelfde als bij de buurvrouw! Unieker kan het niet!

DIY Lampshade using an Ikea paper lamp plus coffeefilters.