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Double Tap if You Are Impressed! Check Bio for 7 Top Transformation Secrets from Over 100 Fitness Models! Its completely free Meet: @nola_007 My story started when i travelled from my country Syria because of war I lost everything there and that made me very sad and depressed I started eating and gaining weight because i felt i have nothing to do it my life anymore but one day i was sitting and I said to myself it is not the end of the world I still can do amazing things i started…

Caramel Latte Maca Zoats 🍮☕️💚 Happy Sunday all! Since I had pancakes yesterday, I actually felt like something more savoury today, and I like my Sunday coffee ☕️ so I decided to put a load of veggies into my oats, add some @mocconacoffee and sweeten it up with dates, Maca and @pureharvest rice malt syrup for a yummy caramelly taste. I added both zucchini (zucchini + oats = Zoats) but also add some grated carrot. So I'm feeling virtuous now 😇 and full! Hehe. Now I'm off to rinse out my…

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15 Habits That Are Costing You Happiness

1. Comparing yourself to others. Comparison has been called the thief of joy and for good reason -- every minute you spend wishing you ...

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10 On-The-Go Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Snacking is one of the biggest ways we sabotage our diets. To keep our efforts on track, try adding these approved 200 calorie snack options to your daily meal

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25 Science-Backed Ways to Feel Happier

To smile wider, be more satisfied with life, and feel altogether better—both in the present and the future—try introducing any (or all!) of these practices into your life.

Cook what feels good is an ART FORM! Just kidding, but it is fun and can lead you to feeling crazy happy in the kitchen instead of dreading it.

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Evening Cleanser Carrot Juice and 8 Health Benefits

If you come in from work feeling lazy, drained, weak and longing for a cure for this unwelcome feeling, then this Evening Cleanser Carrot Juice is just for you...

Healthy living and eating make each day a joy! I'm always looking for new and exciting meals and snacks. I'm a vegetarian because I want to be and it feels good. One of the great side effects is improved energy. Work hard, play hard without getting too tired. I love Primal Strips.